There is a major societal and academic segregation when it comes to ND and HND Holders for growing in their career at the University level. 

Now the NBTE has started inviting reputed, ranked and recognized global universities to be on-boarded on this nationwide platform under the aegis of NBTE so that, across the nation only recognized and reputable universities Degree toup program can easily be implemented wherein a standard framework of credit mapping is being used to enable easily awards of credits followed by completion of the remaining program in 1 academic year for attaining the Bachelor’s Degree.

The programs are going to be solely managed by the universities concerned and NBTE is playing pivotal role to bridge the gap between candidates who have NBTE approved HND and universities who can offer the top-up degree programs. This way both the university and the applicants are ensured for a most effective and systematic approach towards attaining their Top-up degrees.

Furthermore the credit transfer framework which is adopted is of global standards inline with those followed in the UK, USA and other European regulatory bodies along with academic councils and boards of partnering universities so ensure best academic environment is in place which is at par with the global norms