For Internationally recognised universities to partner with the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) in Nigeria to offer their top-up degree programs can offer a wide range of benefits for these universities:

  1. Access to a Large Pool of Candidates: With over a million potential HND candidates through the NBTE, international universities can tap into a substantial and diverse student base. This provides an opportunity to attract students who are already pursuing technical and vocational education and are seeking avenues for further academic advancement through the One Year Bachelors Degree Topup.

  2. Streamlined Admission Process: Partnering with NBTE streamlines the admission process for the partnering international universities. This portal can serve as a reliable intermediary, facilitating student recruitment and enrollment, thereby saving time and resources that universities might otherwise invest in marketing and outreach efforts. While only authentic NBTE HND Degree holders will be permitted to take advantage of the portal

  3. Cultural Diversity and Global Exposure: Collaborating with the NBTE exposes international universities to the rich cultural diversity of Nigerian students. This experience can enhance global perspectives within the university community, fostering cross-cultural understanding and internationalization.

  4. Addressing Skill Gap: By offering top-up degree programs through this Portal, international universities can contribute to addressing the skills gap in Nigeria. These programs can provide specialized and advanced training to diploma holders, ensuring they possess the expertise demanded by industries and employers.

  5. Elevated Reputation: Partnering with a reputable national regulatory body like NBTE lends credibility and authenticity to international universities. This collaboration demonstrates a commitment to aligning with local educational systems and addressing the educational needs of the region.

  6. Resource Sharing: Collaborative efforts with NBTE may include resource sharing, faculty exchange, and joint research projects. This cross-pollination of ideas and expertise can enhance the quality of education and research at both the international university and within Nigeria.

  7. Government and Regulatory Support: Aligning with a respected regulatory body like NBTE can facilitate smoother interactions with Nigerian government authorities and regulators. This support can aid in adhering to the local regulations and administrative processes.

  8. Social Impact: Offering top-up degree programs through NBTE contributes to the educational upliftment of Nigerian students, helping them access higher education and subsequently improving their employability and socioeconomic prospects.

  9. Easy Fees Collection: Through the already duly tested payment system its easy for the universities to collect their fees directly through the portal and not get effected with the current Dollar Naira issues which has caused a major setback to the fees payments for Nigerian students at International Universities

Overall, partnering with NBTE to offer top-up degree programs presents a mutually beneficial opportunity for international universities to expand their global reach, enhance their reputation, and contribute to the development of a skilled workforce in Nigeria.